Fume Ultra Rechargeable Disposable Vape Device 2500 Puffs

Fume Ultra Rechargeable Disposable Vape Device 2500 Puffs

Fume Ultra is a new generation of disposable vapes that are sleek, powerful, and high-performing. They offer a large e-liquid capacity and many flavor options. They are also easy to use.

Fume Ultra offers a generous 8ml pre-filled pod with delectable e-liquid and 5% nicotine, with a generous 1000mAh battery. You can buy them in bulk from smoke shop wholesale distributors like Devine Distribution.


The Fume Ultra Disposable 2500 Puffs is the newest and exclusive addition to the Fume vape series. This sleek, portable device has been improved with elevated features that include effortless draw activation and ultra-potent clouds. Each device is designed to offer 2500 puffs and features a generous 1100 battery. This model is also backed by a 5 percent nicotine level and comes with 22 ultra-smooth flavors.

Each device comes pre-filled with 8 milliliters of e-liquid and has a powerful 1000mAh battery. It is available in a variety of nicotine strengths, including 50mg. It is also available in a range of flavors, including fruit-based options and menthol-based options.

Fruit-based flavors are popular amongst adult vapers, and Fume Ultra offers 33 different options to choose from. For example, the Blueberry CC flavor has a sweet cotton candy and blueberry mix that provides a candied fruit sensation. Other popular flavors include Desert Breeze, which combines berries with a refreshing aloe and mint blend. Watermelon Lush Ice is a top-selling summer flavor that delivers a sugary watermelon taste.

Battery life

The Fume Ultra disposable offers an impressive 2500 puffs, making it a great choice for vapers who want to enjoy their favorite flavors without worrying about running out of power. Its large 8ml liquid capacity and powerful 1000mah battery are sure to satisfy your needs for 3-4 days, depending on your usage.

This device also features a sleek design and a smooth matte anti-slippery finish, so it fits easily into your hand and feels good in the pocket. Its cylinder ergonomic body makes it easy to grip, and its light-weight design means you can use it anywhere.

It comes pre-filled with 8ml of e-liquid and is available in more than 33 amazing Fume flavors. These include classic favorites like blue razz, cotton candy, and luscious Lush Ice. Each flavor has a unique taste, so it’s important to choose one that suits your personal preferences. You can also purchase it in different nicotine strengths, including 50mg.


Fume Ultra disposable vapes feature a 5% nicotine strength, providing a smooth throat hit with a satisfying nicotine rush. This makes them perfect for those who are looking to transition from cigarettes or are just seeking a more satisfying vaping experience.

These devices come with a generous 1100mAh built-in battery and a 8ml pre-filled tank. They are a stealthy, compact size that is perfect for carrying around and puffing on the go. They also feature a large puffing capacity of 2500 puffs.

These devices are available in a wide variety of 35 delicious flavors to suit everyone’s taste buds. From fruity Raspberry Watermelon to icy Black Ice and cocktail-inspired Pina Colada, there’s a flavor to satisfy every craving! Moreover, the disposables have a super sleek design that is easy to hold. They also have a circular light that glows when you inhale. These features make them a top choice among vapers! They are also leak-proof, making them a great option for on-the-go vaping.

Customer service

Fume Ultra is one of the most popular disposable vape devices on the market. It offers 35 unique flavors and is a great choice for heavy smokers. This device also features a rechargeable battery and is easy to use. You can buy this product in bulk to save money and avoid shipping costs.

The Fume Ultra Disposable 2500 Puffs comes with a 8ml liquid tank and a powerful 1000mAh battery. It’s available in a variety of delicious flavors and nicotine strengths, including 50mg. It’s a great option for people who want to quit smoking or just enjoy the experience of vaping.

The Fume Ultra comes in a sleek design that’s easy to carry around. It’s a small device that fits comfortably in the hand, and it can be easily transported in your purse or pocket. You can also order your Fume Ultra in bulk, which will help you save money and time. Be sure to check the authenticity of your device by looking for a sticker on its back that has an anti-counterfeiting code.

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